How Kristine Engages Potential Recruits with Philanthropy

  1. Kristine works as the HR Recruiting Manager for Barker & Sanchez. Her key responsibility is to attract and recruit fresh talent.Meet Kristine, HR Director for Barker and Sanchez
  2. Kristine has learned that an employer’s commitment to their community is of growing importance to job seekers, especially millennials. Many millennials are interested in working for a company that contributes to making the world a better place.
  3. Kristine knows this is an area where Barker & Sanchez excels. There are many staff members who volunteer on boards of non-profits and hold other leadership positions in the community.Many Barker and Sanchez employees are committed to the community
  4. In addition to the individual contributions of the Barker & Sanchez employees, the company is also a leader in community giving. The over-arching cause that Barker & Sanchez supports is Education, and the company has sponsored several education-related events to date.kris4
  5. To avoid confusion about the different philanthropic areas Barker & Sanchez is involved in, Kristine began using Royal Cause to communicate their philanthropic involvement. In the recruiting package she hands out to students, she includes a link to the Barker & Sanchez Royal Cause landing page.Barker and Sanchez Business Profile Page
  6. Barker & Sanchez’s Royal Cause profile provides candidates with an efficient way to learn more about their philanthropy and community involvement. The information is transparent, unbiased, and readily available. It’s an easy tool for Kristine to suggest for campus recruits to explore, and it helps her communicate Barker & Sanchez’s philanthropy.The Royal Cause app is a transparent way to learn about campus recruit
  7. Kristine always uses the Royal Cause app when she attends campus recruiting events, finding it to be a great conversation starter about Barker & Sanchez’s commitment to the community.

    Royal Cause allows campus recruits and other members of the community to learn about businesses that give back to their local communities in an easy, transparent way.

    Learn more about featuring your company’s philanthropic engagement on Royal Cause!

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