How Ben Connected Sarah with STEM Kids

How Ben Connected Sarah With STEM Kids

  1. Ben volunteers often at STEM Kids, and has seen an increase of need for qualified volunteers. So Ben created a profile in Royal Cause, and became a STEM Kids AmbassadorBen becomes a STEM Ambassador
  2. Sarah, who also works at Barker & Sanchez, viewed her company’s profile in the Royal Cause app.Barker and Sanchez Business Profile Page
  3. Sarah clicked on Barker and Sanchez’s Ambassador Page. While scrolling through the Ambassadors list, she saw Ben listed as an ambassador and volunteer at STEM Kids.Ben is STEM Kids Ambassador for Barker and Sanchez
  4. Sarah scrolled through Ben’s profile, and saw a number of photos Ben posted about his volunteer activities. She decided to message Ben and ask for more details about his experience.Sarah Messaging Ben
  5. Ben messaged Sarah back to tell her a bit about his volunteer experience with STEM Kids, and suggested they meet for lunch to talk more about it.Ben and Sarah Meeting at Lunch
  6. Ben invited Sarah to a Code Camp event STEM Kids put on.
  7. Sarah became a regular volunteer with Ben. Once a week they join with others at the local school and inspire kids to learn more about programming.

How Becoming An Ambassador For Your Favorite Nonprofit Can Increase Volunteerism

  1. Login to the Royal Cause app and become an Ambassador on behalf of your company for the nonprofit you volunteer often with.
  2. When you volunteer with your nonprofit, take photos! Log the volunteer hours in the app and post the photos of your experience to commemorate your involvement and show others what it looks like to volunteer with your nonprofit.
  3. Co-workers who are looking to get involved in the community can explore the Royal Cause app to search for the perfect opportunity. When they come across your company’s page, they’ll see that you are an Ambassador for your nonprofit. They can look through the photos you’ve posted and other activities on your profile to see if it’s an opportunity they’d be interested in as well.
  4. If they have questions about getting involved, they can send you a message through the app to learn more about your nonprofit and volunteer experience.
  5. Connect with co-workers who reach out to you about your volunteer experience. Meet with them over lunch, and invite them to an activity with you.
  6. Posting in the Royal Cause app about volunteering with your nonprofit inspires others to get involved as well.

    You’re helping build a tribe of future volunteers and supporters of your cause.

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