Nonprofit Ambassadors

People connecting with people

If you agree:

“My volunteer experiences are a fun and rewarding social experience I look forward to all week long”

We’re sure you can inspire others and become an excellent ambassador for your nonprofit. Passion and enthusiasm is all that’s needed to attract more volunteers to help with your cause.
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If you believe:

“Many of my peers would love to have the social rewards that a meaningful volunteer experience provides”

You’re not alone. Thousands of volunteers know their volunteer experience enriches their life. After all, there is a lot to gain: Friends for life, sense of purpose and new skills.

Become an Ambassador

We make it super-simple for others to discover what you already know. Volunteering at your nonprofit is a fun and rewarding social experience. If you can take a selfie, you can reach thousands of individuals that want to learn more about your nonprofit and what you do when you volunteer.

See how Gina is recruiting volunteers for her nonprofit.

Inspiring Others

Royal Cause promotes your volunteer experiences to thousands of potential volunteers. When others discover how you are helping the community they will want to know more. That’s the power of awareness.

See how Ben gets his peers involved with his favorite nonprofit.

Why Me?

Most nonprofits can’t recruit at scale. It’s a resource issue for sure. But even if they were to muscle up they would struggle to find connection.
Volunteer recruitment requires a people to people connection. You’re richly connected to potential candidates and they are not.

Reaching your Peers at Work

You’re not alone if you think

“Wow, there’s a lot of talent, skill and ambition among my coworkers and they’d be such great volunteers!”

You’re not alone if you wish

“I wish for a practical way to promote my nonprofit’s volunteer opportunities to everyone in my company.”

Your wish is granted!

Royal Cause raises awareness on a grand scale. Everyone has the potential to find you, see your volunteer activities and connect.


The system is constantly promoting your ‘story’ to thousands of viewers in the community. This means people are reaching out to connect with you. Answer their questions, introduce them to other volunteers, connect them to the right nonprofit contacts and be sure to invite them to an event.
A nonprofit ambassador has substantial influence. You have everything you need to successfully recruit more volunteers for your nonprofit. Ambition, experience and passion. Royal Cause helps you raise awareness for your nonprofit. We provide services to grow your connections and secure more resources for your cause.

About Royal Cause

Royal Cause is a Washington State Social Purpose Corporation formed to advance the growth and sustainability of nonprofit organizations serving the needs of local communities worldwide. We are supported by business clients committed to helping their employees find meaningful volunteer opportunities in local communities. Our nonprofit partners receive our platform services at no charge. Our mobile apps are free and users are never solicited for funds from nonprofits.

More Resources

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Community involvement is driving a many business decisions today. In the corporate domain, it is influencing promotion decisions, hiring practices and talent attraction.
Our Use Cases landing page is a quick review of how Royal Cause is supporting the nonprofit ecosystem. We add new use case examples all the time.
The Royal Cause website is host to more information about our business. If you are a business seeking to expand employee engagement start here to explore our capabilities.