Muscle Up!

We invite the leaders of philanthropic-centered UW RSOs to hypercharge their fall quarter with Royal Cause UW’s partnership.

Royal Cause UW wants to equip philanthropic RSOs with the tool set to achieve the biggest impact in our community. Join us for MuscleUp! 2016 on Wednesday, November 16th, 5:30-7:30pm at UW’s Startup Hall.

The Royal Cause UW Muscle Up event will help RSOs by:

– Initiating RSO leaders into use of the Royal Cause Administrative Platform
– Teach RSO leaders how to easily track their member’s volunteer hours
– Increase RSO community support through the Royal Cause platform
– Network with nonprofit and business leaders from the UW community that
could help bring more awareness to your RSO’s mission
– Challenge RSO leaders to think deeper about their community participation
through a panel discussion with nonprofit and business leaders

Thank you to Great Harvest Bread Co. for providing tasty treats for our MuscleUp! attendees!