Royal Cause

Leadership Team


Founder & CEO


Terrence is the Royal Cause founder. Prior to this role Terrence was a program manager for Microsoft Azure responsible for security compliance across data platform engineering teams. Previous roles at Microsoft included technical program management in Windows, leadership in a Dev/Test engineering team and feature development in the SQL server engineering team. He has two successful exits as co-founder of a technical services company and a principal in an IP development business.

Terrence has over 25 years of community service as a volunteer and donor. He is a committed supporter of community-based youth programs with an emphasis on mentorship. Terrence currently serves on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters and a number of other nonprofit committees and advisory boards in his community.

Terrence received his MSIM from the University of Washington – Information School.


Co-Founder, Creative Director, Front End Developer & Lead Designer

Hailey initially joined Royal Cause as the lead designer/co-founder. As she grew with the company she became the UI/UX guru, staying on top of all of the newest technologies and frameworks. She is a master of the Adobe stack and frequently uses her Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop skills to bring creative projects to life. Hailey also develops all of the front end design for the Royal Cause platform using HTML, CSS, jQuery and Meteor.js. 

Hailey received her BA in Film & Video Studies from Central Washington University with a specialization in production. She continues her education everyday through the use of and


Software Developer

Austin is our always enthusiastic and passionate Software Developer.   In addition to taking the lead on new technology projects and managing our various codebases, Austin brings a unique perspective and thoughtfulness to Royal Cause in assessing how to meet and further our goals..  A team player and critical part of all our current achievements, he is a strong believer that community engagement can become an exciting part of anyones life.


Digital Marketing and Brand Outreach Manager

Arianna initially joined the Royal Cause team in July of 2014, as a market researcher. She came back to Royal Cause after graduating from California State University, Long Beach in June 2015. Arianna is behind creating, organizing, and overseeing implementation of the Royal Cause message, through social channels. She also created and manages the Royal Cause brand ambassador program at University of Washington, after she saw the impact of student-to-student marketing through her own experience as one of Amazon Student’s first brand ambassadors in college.

Arianna’s educational background includes a B.A. in political science, with a minor in public relations from CSULB; an A.A. in cross-media journalism, an A.A. in media communications, and an A.A. in audio production from Grossmont College. She has held positions ranging from intern to California State Senator, comptroller for student government, brand ambassador for Amazon Student, business development for a solar marketing firm, to marketing and sales for an energy efficiency company.


Marketing and Sales Associate

Caitlin joined the Marketing team for Royal Cause in September 2015. She was involved in several activities throughout her adolescence that helped shape her passion and enthusiasm for making a difference in the community. Through her schooling at Western Washington University, Caitlin developed an interest in entrepreneurship and a fascination with startup culture. She loves working for Royal Cause because this role has allowed her to work for a startup rooted in the PNW while putting her Marketing degree towards efforts to improve the community.

Caitlin is the Boots on the Ground lady – establishing and maintaining relationships with businesses and nonprofits in the local Seattle area to define the value in partnering with Royal Cause. Caitlin manages the majority of social media, creating awareness about our app and promoting community events that Royal Cause participates in and hosts.


Marketing and Sales Associate

After serving in the United States Army for 4 years, Arthur joined the Royal Cause team in early 2016 because he wanted to make a difference in the Seattle community where he grew up.  He focuses the majority of his time on providing technical support and developing content to best serve those that serve their community.  In his off time he enjoys taking care of dogs and gardening.


Business System Lead

Reem Joined Royal Cause in May of 2014. Prior to that she worked with US Corp of engineering/US Army in Iraq and attended Edmonds Community College as Data analyst. Reem supports the Royal Cause team in shaping, building and maintaining high quality and efficient data in our data warehouse, and integrates this data into our CRM System.

Reem Has BSc in computer and Software Engineering and multiple database related Certifications.

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