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How Royal Cause can help you support the causes you care about

Influence generous businesses that provide needed resources to hundreds of local nonprofits. Connect your passion with others that share your social-purpose and get the recognition you deserve for making a difference.
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Shop your Cause

Choose to support businesses that share
your causes and help the community

Influence business giving

Help businesses make data-driven giving decisions every time you use the app

Connect with others

Be part of a dream team where the
community always wins

Log Volunteer Hours

We help you keep track of your volunteer activities and inspire others to get involved.

Get Involved

Find local events & volunteer opportunities in your community. Stay informed with our Newsfeed.

Level up

Earn badges and recognition for your community involvement. Challenge others to be a great as you are!

Become an Ambassador

We make it super-simple for others to discover what you already know. Volunteering at your nonprofit is a fun and rewarding social experience. If you can take a selfie, you can reach thousands of individuals that want to learn more about your nonprofit and what you do when you volunteer.

See how Gina is recruiting volunteers for her nonprofit.

Inspiring Others

Royal Cause promotes your volunteer experiences to thousands of potential volunteers. When others discover how you are helping the community they will want to know more. That’s the power of awareness.

See how Ben gets his peers involved with his favorite nonprofit.

If you agree:

“My volunteer experiences are a fun and rewarding social experience I look forward to all week long”

We’re sure you can inspire others and become an excellent ambassador for your nonprofit. Passion and enthusiasm is all that’s needed to attract more volunteers to help with your cause.

If you believe:

“Many of my peers would love to have the social rewards that a meaningful volunteer experience provides”

You’re not alone. Thousands of volunteers know their volunteer experience enriches their life. After all, there is a lot to gain: Friends for life, sense of purpose and new skills.

Help your Favorite Nonprofits!

Most nonprofits can’t recruit at scale. But even if they were to muscle up they would struggle to find connection.
Volunteer recruitment requires a people to people connection.

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