Individual Users

Together we can make a difference in our local communities

Shopping for the Greater Good:

Support a business that supports what you care about? Let us help you make every purchase count.

Using our “Explore” feature you can search by business category to find a list of businesses in the local area that have what you need. You can see all of the causes they support or sort by your favorite causes.

Take your support to the next level:

“Check In” at a business to let them and your friends know that you are shopping there because they support one of your favorite causes.

To “Check In” simply click the pin icon in the upper right of a businesses profile. Check In’s are posted to your profile under the “Activity” tab.

Thank businesses for their support:

Notice a business that supports a nonprofit you care about? Send them a thank you and spread the word at the same time!

To “Shout Out” simply click the megaphone icon in the upper right of a businesses profile. Shout Outs are posted to your profile under the “Activity” tab.

Get involved in your local community:

Looking for an event or volunteer opportunity that is perfect for you?

Our “News Feed” provides nonprofit news, events and volunteer opportunities in your local community.

Inspire others to get involved:

Log your volunteer hours and post them to your profile for your friends and co-workers to see.

To “Log Volunteer Hours” simply click the clock icon in the upper right of your profile. Logged hours are posted to your profile under the “Activity” tab.

Already involved with a specific nonprofit?

Let your friends and co-workers know that you are a contact point for learning more.

To become an ambassador click the ambassador icon on your profile page under your name.