Brand Ambassador Student Internship Program

Want to feel good about your internship while gaining valuable work experience?

Want to feel like you are making a difference in your community while gaining valuable professionalism and work experience?

Network with local businesses and nonprofits while putting your event planning, communication, and marketing skills to the test!

Are you:

– A self-starter

– An Event planner

– Social-media savvy

– Passionate about your community

Job Responsibilities:

  – Social media interaction (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

  – 1-2 events within the UW community every month (Club presentations, Gatherings, Your imagination is the limit!)

  – Interaction with our Royal Cause SPC RSO

  – Participate in planning and recruitment, plus attendance to both major events in the Winter and Spring quarters for part of the event time (November and January)

Preferred Majors: Marketing, Journalism, Public Relations, Communication, Business, Human-Centered Design and Engineering, Sociology, Entrepreneurship, or Social Work.

This is a paid position, with each Brand Ambassador receiving a monthly stipend. Academic credit is also available upon request.

To apply answer the following questions:

  • Your name, major, year in school, anticipated graduation date
  • Your participation in any clubs or extracurricular activities (RSOs, Greek Life, Sports, Volunteering, etc.) Please state the name, timeline of participation, and any leadership roles you may have taken.
  • What would your top three “causes” be and why? i.e. What are the things you care about in your community and your reasoning behind these choices. Please choose from: Animals, Community Improvement, Education, Environment, Food Banks and Homelessness, Museums and Libraries, Performing Arts, Public Broadcasting, Research, Social Services, Veterans Services, Visual Arts (If you need more clarification on what this means, please download the Royal Cause SPC application).
  • How would you spread the word about an activity on your campus to generate the highest participation and/or attendance?

Send your resume and answers to the above questions to: