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Hack ‘n Pitch Winter 2017

This year’s Hack ’n Pitch is entirely ‘business’ focused. If you are a marketing ninja, communications expert, graphics design magician, polished video producer, web designer, information management pro or an incredibly gifted message maker this is the competition that might launch your career.
The general theme is ‘Make Giving Back Count’ – Thousands of businesses are making significant investments in their employee giving, volunteer engagement and grant programs. These investments are not producing the ROI business leaders expect.
tim copy

Tim H.

Thousands of companies actively campaign for my business. I want to know which ones genuinely care enough to give back.
aubs2 copy

Aubrey A.

It’s great to have one place where I can easily view local events, news  and volunteer opportunities.
manny copy

Manuel V.

I feel better shopping with businesses that I know support my causes.

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